2018 Green Electricity Guide (GEG)
Report on the Methodology and Results

The Green Electricity Guide was developed he the Total Environment Centre (TEC) and Greenpeace to help inform Australians about which electricity retailers are really as ‘green’ as they say they are. It is the only independent analysis and ranking of the environmental performance of all electricity retailers around Australia. For the 2018 GEG, Alviss Consulting was contracted to prepare the survey forms, analyse survey results and score/rank retailers in line with the agreed methodology.


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About the Author:

May is the founding director of Alviss Consulting. May has over fifteen years experience researching and analysing energy markets, regulation and consumer issues in Australia. She has produced extensive analyses of energy prices, market developments, regulatory frameworks, concession arrangements and energy affordability. May holds an MSc in Public Policy from the London School of Economics.